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An Unforgettable Experience at the Hair Dresser’s

Prisca, a young lady from Kisubi-Entebbe, was preparing for her introduction ceremony and was as excited as could be. She wanted everything to be perfect for her special day and for her hair to look perfect.

So, instead of going to her local kafunda salon where she’d been a regular, she opted for a fancier saloon.

With guidance and advice from her friends, she chose a sophisticated salon in town and was pleased with her choice.

Bookings were made, hair styles picked two weeks to the D-day and spirits were high.

On the day of her appointment as the hair stylists explained to her what will be done and what will be used, Prisca sat satisfied that she had chosen the right salon. However, to her shock, just midway the hair do, she lost all her hair.

This was just a day to her function. Leaving her with no choice but to use a wig on her introduction.

Her hair fell out because the hair chemicals used were expired.

“What I did not know was due to lockdown they had been out of service for nearly two years, so their stock had stayed that long. They had not replaced and it is what was used on my hair. A day to my introduction, I lost all my hair and became bold,” Prisca said.

I can’t imagine what Prisca went through, but how many of us visit these salons, and pay attention to small details like checking expiry dates on those containers, the makeup used, the oils, and sometimes the combs, rollers keep a lot of dirt and infections that affect users in the long run.

According to Heathline, expired hair products cause irritation or itchiness to your scalp and eyes owing to the chemical change and allergens. Some expired products may give the user redness of the skin, eye sores and scalp infections, depending on the bacteria’s virulence factors. These infections may lead to hair loss and gruesome wounds.

Let us also do our due diligence, by being alert, advising our hair stylists to take extra care and have their products checked and replaced on time. Ensure they have clean rollers, towels, combs and sterilize them more often.

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