Allan Tacca’s Malicious Propaganda of Entebbe Airport Take over Won’t Stop the Multibillion Project


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By Seguya Andrew

I recently read with pity Allan Tacca’s sarcastic article about how Ugandans seem to enjoy Entebbe Airport debt misery.
In his article, he suggested that Ugandans like to be humiliated. Whether this was sarcastic or not, it’s simply unacceptable.
The Entebbe airport issue caused a lot of up roar from uninformed journalists and it has since been discussed several times, unfortunately, they are yet to embrace facts regarding this project hence the need for more clarification to many writers including my friend, Mr. Taaca.
Whereas it’s true that Uganda got a loan from China to renovate the airport, it is not true that Uganda has failed to repay, in fact, Uganda has up to April,2022 to start repayment.
The Entebbe international airport of Uganda is not going to be taken over by the Chinese as this aging author seems to allude.
Both the governments of Uganda and China have all vehemently clarified on this malicious content in circulation alleging the takeover within the past few weeks.

The Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka  even appeared before the Parliament’s Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises  and assured the country that there is no way the Entebbe International Airport can be taken over by the Chinese government because Uganda has not defaulted on its obligation to pay for the loan acquired from Exim Bank of China.

“For anyone to say the airport is being taken, that is wrong and scandalous. We have not defaulted on the contract and the future of the airport is secured,” said Kiwanuka.
For an old mzee like Mr. Taaca to claim with no proof that Entebbe Airport loan cash was ‘eaten’ by ‘gangsters’ is an act of misinformation and malicious propaganda. This kind of misleading insinuation must stop especially when one can verify anything about the project whose constructions work is now at 75%, soon to be completed.
As one who has been at the airport recently, I can confidently say that the work being done is visible and there has been a lot of improvement in services and also outlook.
There are also legal processes to acquire loans, parliament has to approve these loans, not one individual going and asking for loans, it’s a government process therefore for one to claim the money is being managed by a group of individuals is not just a blatant lie but outrageously dangerous for our morals.
Uganda has quality legal standards (Attorney General) tasked with the duty to advise the government on any transactions to ensure they contain favorable terms and conditions and acceptance.

In fact the Attorney General assured the MPs that his office is ready to argue Uganda’s case in any place around the world and hence no need to panic on China being having jurisdiction for matters of arbitration in case of any disputes on the Entebbe International Airport loan agreement.

The articles of Allan Tacca like those of his colleagues Tegulle Gawaya, Namitti, Joseph Othieno, Matogo and Harold etc are embedded with hatred of their government and smear campaign similar to that of opposition politicians like Kizza Besigye and Bobi Wine who are busy struggling for opposition leadership.

We thank God that Ugandans still understand their hate campaign and continue to trust the leadership of this country to nationalists such as Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.





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