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COVID-19 Experts Cautions Uganda on Exclusive use of Masks

Scientists have released another computer modelling report warning against a policy that only emphasizes wearing face masks after the lock down is lifted.

According to the report the Country will experience over 1,534 new Covid-19 cases in the first 100 days after the lockdown is lifted if the population is required to wear face masks without enforcing other strict measures.

The experts say to successfully fight COVID-19 other measures must be used in combination with wearing face Masks.

Truck drivers to get test results on entry; Positive cases to be blocked from entry

The Health Ministry has commissioned its first medical laboratory at the point of entry into Uganda in enforcing the measures to combat COVID-19.

The laboratory has been constructed in Mutukula between Tanzania and Mutukula will ensure that truck drivers coming into the country get tested and results are given in 45 minutes.

The Health Minister Ruth Aceng said that this will curb sick truck drivers from entering the country.

Regional: Experts warn East Africa to prepare for Rift valley fever

East African Countries have been warned to prepare for the anticipated Rift Valley fever (RVF) outbreak in the coming months due to heavy rains that have led to persistent floods.

According to the joint statement by the food and agriculture organization and inter-government which was released in may 2020 confirms that the risk of the disease occurring in the region remains high both in animals and humans.

Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have been warned to be on a higher risk for RVF.


National:  Defence Ministry of Uganda to set up Museum

The Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs has gazetted over 11 acres of land in Mpigi district to set up a military museum.

The Museum is expected to document Uganda’s war history, especially the 1986 liberation war by President Museveni.

According to Pecos Kuteesa one of the army representatives in Parliament, the Museum is set to keep artifacts and essential records of the Liberation war and heroes.

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